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My gallery consists of sketches, photography (including stock), poetry, songs, and prose. Be sure and take a glance through my scraps as well. Enjoy!

If you are interested in any of my songs, please check out my YouTube webpage. I'm still working on putting stuff on the site so please be patient and check back regularly.…


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It's 11:03.

There's a kid playing a trumpet across the street from my apartment, belting out a few familiar notes from the Star Spangled banner. However, only some of the notes are of musical merit while the others are grating upon my eardrums.

I appreciate the sentiment, considering it is September 11th. It's been thirteen years since the decimation of the world trade center. It was a dark day that remains fresh in the minds of those who were there; who lost loved ones in the burning and crumbling wreckage of those two gleaming towers that once stood with pride over the New York City landscape.

And, as the national anthem is continuously butchered outside my window by a kid who should be at home asleep, I lie in my bed and remember my third grade classroom and the news footage on the library TV. I remember feeling confused when studying the concerned faces of the adults surrounding me. Even though I was young and didn't fully grasp what was happening, the sadness in my heart was real that day, as it continues to be real to this day on September 11th, 2014 when I have a larger understanding of the senseless hate that was thrust upon our great country.

So, thank you random trumpet kid for the show of patriotism. Despite your disrespect to neighboring people trying to get some sleep, (and lack of musical ability) you have won my quiet appreciation.

God bless America.

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  • Listening to: The Star Spangled Banner
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Sarah E. McCary
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a Christian and have no regret in saying it. All of my hope is in God, for He is the only one who truly knows who I am.

I'm a self taught artist, which means I've only grown by studying other artists styles and then applying what I learn in my own work. I try to be well rounded in my art. Writing is my passion, but drawing, music, photography, and film-making are things I enjoy as well. My gallery speaks for me on these matters so please take a look.

I'm a good listener, a reckless dreamer, and a little on the quiet side.

I have an incredible appreciation for art in every form. Art is creation, and creation is beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Current Residence: My own little world...
Favorite photographer: My big brother
Favorite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: I am who I am, your opinion isn't needed.


After so many sacrifices
I am wearing thin
And losing all the hope I had within
But I guess that's what love really is
Sometimes it's hit or miss

Letting go of the things
I'd rather hold onto

(Even as the tears sting my eyes
I will not give in
When the memories stain my mind
My heart will heal again
I, will be strong. I, will be strong)

Day by day I hold back
what I really feel
Convincing others that this mask is real
I know some day that the pain will cease
Then I can taste that sweet release

I will be myself again
And I will stand even if it's easier to fall


It's hard to be strong
Believe me, I know
But it wouldn't be called strength
If it was easy to let go


I will hold on to myself
So one day I can be strong for someone else

Written By: Sarah McCary
March 19th, 2015
You scratch and claw at the door of my heart
till all that remains are these scattered parts
You tear down the wall, my defenses fall
and I'm left exposed to your call

Your very words are an icy poison
tainting my veins with hate
You choke me out and shut me down
and whisper “submit to your fate”

/Yet in my moment of weakness
I lift my eyes to yours
You threaten to consume me
But I won't go down so easily/

(My soul is not yours to take
It will not yield to you, so fake
Take back the words you said over the years
I'll forget the fears, blink back the tears
I will rise and fight and never break)

You think you have a hold over me
in your misplaced superiority
I may seem fragile, just skin and bone
But within I have a soul made of stone

I can see the frustration in your eyes
You realize you have no hold over my life
I'm not scared of you anymore
I found a cause worth fighting for

/I refuse to believe you
or let you rule over me
After all you put me through
emptiness is your reality/


Written By: Sarah McCary
February 19, 2014
Holding on to something that's already gone
It's time for me to let you go and move on
I'm not everything you hoped I would be
We can't change who we are
So you made the choice to be free
while I watched from afar

(It's only a bruise
The pain will fade with time
I have paid my dues
and now I'm turning with the tide
It may not seem like it now
But I'll get through this somehow
It's only a bruise)

The night deepens around me and it breaks my heart
to know that what we could be has just fallen apart
I know you never meant to hurt me
Change is a part of life
My only hope is that we can see
and embrace this distant light


I need time to heal from this
It's the simple things that I'll miss
It's so hard to let you go
but now I know

I finally have the strength to see
as I light the fuse
You say it wasn't meant to be
I say it's only a bruise

Written By: Sarah E. McCary
February 11th, 2015
Only a Bruise
Writing is my outlet. I've been going through some hard times lately and writing lyrics is sometimes the most effective way to release whatever emotions are trapped inside me.
Fighting to keep my head above the surface
But, I'm slipping under
Trying to breathe, to find my purpose
before my hope is torn asunder

The storm rages in my soul
And I can't seem to let it go
Thought it's taken quite a toll
the winds continue to grow

(When the rain falls down
the thunder shakes to me the core
Battered into the ground
by my own eternal war
As I begin to fall
while the tension fills my lungs
a fading dream so small
will falter on my tongue
to be lifted into the light
and vanish from my sight)

I've come to learn by now
life is composed of rainy days
Still I pray somehow
for sunlight to take away my pain

Though I drift from the glow
into the frigid night
something within my soul
conjures the will to fight

(Let the rain fall down
and thunder shake me to the core
I will rise from this ground
cause I know more than before
As I stand up tall
and breathe new life into my lungs
my dreams ascend above it all
a song parades across my tongue
to be lifted into the light
and my soul, at last, takes flight)

Written By: Sarah McCary
January 2nd, 2015
Yet another song. This is my first submission in a long time.

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